Massage etiquette

Massage in Sopot Thai Massage is performed on a professional bed with a hole for the face, covered with an approved quality organic skin (dimensions: length - 220 cm, width - 80 cm and 100 cm). Before each massage bed covered with a fresh sheet. At each session we use 8 pieces of various sizes terry towels with a weight of 500 g clients, we also offer bathrobe in size S, M, L or XL and disposable slippers and - on request - disposable underwear.

Massage etiquette in Thai Sopot Massage

  • Each client is treated uniquely by us individually . We make every effort to come out of our living room happy and relaxed . We ask that you help us in this , while respecting our label.
  • Massage is most effective when you show up in the living room a bit early (at least five minutes before the appointed time ) . It's time to wind down and prepare for quiet operation.
  • An important aspect is the purity and freshness of the body , so in our living room you have the opportunity to take a shower , both before and after the massage . If you feel the need, ask them to prepare for your bathroom.
  • Do not use cell phones or other electronic devices that emit sound. They can interfere with relaxation not only you, but also to other customers .
  • In Sopot Thai Massage We use high -quality cosmetics and essential oils with natural plant extracts , which are not expected to cause sensitization. However, if due to allergies and other illnesses receive from medical indications or contraindications for the use of certain substances notify the receptionist before the massage.
  • Prior to massage remove the jewelry and watch. For all your little things will get a separate box.
  • Tell a therapist or therapist about your expectations of massage intensity in options : soft , medium, strong. Thanks to this pressure will be perfectly suited to your preferences. If you feel uncomfortable ask for a change in pressure during the procedure.
  • During the session you can ask the therapist or therapist for temperature control and light and sound relaxation music.
  • The full body massage please undress to underwear and put on a bathrobe prepared for you and disposable slippers . You explicitly wish, you will also receive a one-time underwear.
  • Therapists and therapist , respecting your privacy, we will cover the currently non-bulk areas of your body towels. Try not to embarrass them in her nakedness , or in any other way.
  • Counselor or therapist will tell you about the end of the session.
  • Both massage before and after him, the therapist or therapist will treat you jasmine green tea or a refreshing coconut water.
  • In our salon does not charge service fees . If you are satisfied with the massage therapist you can leave a tip or therapist . If the massage raised your concerns, tell the receptionist.