Relentless feel tired? You muscles ache? The skin has become dry and lose healthy color? Decide on a massage with herbal stamps. The soothing effects of herbs and warmth relaxes sore muscles, improve skin firmness and to cleanse it of toxins. The therapist performs surgery with herbal stamps, or special cotton bags filled with herbs, fruits and spices. In accordance with the provisions of this special Thai wrapped in a cotton blend material is heated for a few minutes in the steam heater that freed it contains essential oils and active ingredients. Releasing smells intensely stimulate the senses. Massage with warm stamps expands the skin pores, making it easier to penetrate into the interior of beneficial ingredients and relieves pain and relaxes the tense muscles and joints. It also improves blood and lymph circulation, stimulates metabolism and removes toxins from the body, thus contributing to the elimination of cellulite.

  • Heated in a steamer Thai herbal punches including but not limited ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon and camphor, eucalyptus leaves, turmeric, mint, lotus, carnations, guarana and coffee.
  • Heated essential oil.