When you buy a package of 10 massages, you get a discount of 30%. Carnet is valid for three months.


When you buy a package of 5 massages, get a discount of 20%. Carnet is valid for two months.

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ul. Królowej Jadwigi 3
81-765 Sopot, Poland
phone: 537 555 444
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It is a great and original idea for a gift that will positively surprise the person you gifted. Each gift voucher is printed on glossy paper by name and packaged in an elegant pearl envelope. In addition to any voucher added handmade floating, aromatic candle in the shape of a flower frangipani. The call can be picked up in person at the Sopot Thai Massage or cause us to dispatch the address indicated. Please familiarize yourself with our offer and choose the treatment best suited to gifted person. Each voucher is valid for one year.


Sopot Thai Massage is an ideal place for business meetings and family, stag and hen parties, wedding anniversaries, birthday or name day. At your request we serve oriental delights and exquisite Thai beverages served. Evenings start at 19.00 hours and may take up to 3-4 hours. Great location apartment is the perfect place to start a long and crazy night in Sopot-dancing.

The details ask at reception or call 537 555 000.